Oyster mushroom grow startup advice

Oyster mushroom grow startup advice

When I’ve started to grow mushrooms the internet wasn’t so packed with information on how to grow this particular mushroom. The information on this topic out there is fragmented and there are so many sources, it’s just crazy. I guess the most important thing is to find a reliable sourse from where you can inform yourself. For this you’ll need to be selective and make sure the info provided to you is the right one, but this will take time of course. If you’re the type that doesn’t want to waste time on it best is to read a book, to talk to others (already dealing with this) or to pick a course that shows you all you need to know. So, before starting with oyster mushroom growing you’ll need to know few things like: what are the oyster mushroom kinds, what’s the difference between them, where to look for spawn, what means quality spawn and what’s bad spawn, what to look for when you purchase that, what strain you should pick, how to grow it or what to do to get a better yield.

At first I’ve started to read abook on how to grow this particular mushroom, then I went to a supermarket to get the address and phone no. of a local mushroom farm. Next I contacted the grower and bought spawn from him. This is how I first grew oyster mushrooms in 2005. You can do the same or here you can take my free course on how to grow oyster mushrooms or simply surf the internet for this info. To grow oyster mushrooms is easy and even a 10 year old could do it. Most of the species and varieties are grown pretty much following the same procedure with some differences in temp or substrate requirements. Simply, explore and build your experience, also best is to check several sourses to compare methodology.

In some cases things could go wrong, and many times the one who seeks to grow mushrooms gets discouraged because of failed attempts or poor yield. Questions may arise in this case: was it the spawn or a poor strain or bad environment, or newbie mistakes? Could be one reason or a bunch of mixed reasons. This calls for a guide, someone that can show you how to start this whole thing. What strain to pick and getting better yields it’s a course that I’ve created exactly for those wanting to start with oyster mushroom growing, need advice and don’t have the time to inform themselves from other sources.

When I saw the mushrooms popping from my first grow attempt it was fantastic. Next, I started to grow that particular strain on a different substrate to see how is behaving -i was also taking notes and observe what the strain likes and dislikes. Then, I ventured in getting different types of oyster mushrooms (yellows, and pinks) and compared to the previous type -I was actually comparing different mushroom kinds but not necessarily different strains belonging to the same species -I’ve focused on that somewhat later. Playing around with different strains it’s a must because yield is mostly strain dependent also discovering the right substrate, temp and other conditions for a particular strain is necessary if you want lots of mushrooms in your growroom.

The king oyster is a bit tricky because it comes with low yields if grown using the same grow method as for the common oyster, pinks or yellows. This type will require supplementation and unfortunately that will turn your whole substrate moldy if not properly disinfected. Generally a low pressure steam disinfection unit is used by most startup growers to do that. This is a device that may be created from parts and it is usually a cheap version of an autoclave with a lower steam pressure (usually 5 to 7 psi; autoclaves get up to 15 psi or more).  On how to build one of these look around on the internet just make sure it doesn’t blow up in your face or conult an engineer on how to build one. I have some info in one of my courses on how to build one if you want you can pick my brain on that but I offer you no warranty that is going to blow up because even when you offer someone exact instructions on something they might do the job differently 🙂

OK, so play around with random strains and mushroom kinds, get info from lots of sources if you have time and build your own experience. This is the success formula that lifted me higher and got me to the next step which was on how to make spawn. I didn’t know how to grow shiitakes at this point but I was interested in making my own spawn so I can grow oysters and I was also aware that this could open a door to other kinds of mushrooms that I wanted to grow at that time.

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