Wild Oyster Mushrooms & Sweet Potatoes

Wild Oyster Mushrooms & Sweet Potatoes


After two days of slow rain I’ve decided to visit the woods nearby -a deciduous forest not quite at it’s climax but I’ve seen there goodies before. I took my horse and rode it but stopped to charge my batteries with some good old beer -it helps with identification. After a two hour walk I couldn’t find anything but bloody moskitoes. Then, suddenly my face turned pink when I saw at a distance a fallen log packed with oyster mushrooms (it was May -around 70 F outside). Oyster mushroom is quite easy to recognize in the field: mid to large funnel shaped caps, white to colored (with darker patches, brownish, or gray); white-cream gills underneath; thick somewhat woody stalks with decurrent gills; white flesh, mild taste, and pleasant odor. Half of them were kinda old so I collected the other fresh half and left with a smile on my face. Oh! gee, one more find: an old porcini was laying on the ground next to my feet -it was loaded with shlimax so I just left it were it was. 

There are times when you need to be pleased with what you find, so on my mind was how to turn my find into something delicious. There are so many ways on how to prepare oyster mushrooms but I’ve decided to go for something simple, just to feel the mushroomy flavor. I’m the adept of a healthy diet but some flavors need some sacrifice. I will tell you what! we’re extreamly addicted to the taste that we’re used to, I mean, you name it: steak, pizza, burgers, any good food that you can think of. Unfortunately, we would even die for it. Think about lots of people out there suffering from random illnesses, deep in their minds they know that this or that is bad for them and they still eat that crap. So back to the recipe, I used a carefully cut slice of pork fat which turned the whole thing slightly smoky.


  1. A good slice of smoky pork fat (go for organic)
  2. Green onion -lots of it (3-5 will make it)
  3. Cherry tomatoes (5-10 pc.)
  4. Thin sliced oyster mushrooms (1-2 lbs)
  5. Salt & pepper
  6. Sweet potatoes (4-6 pc.)
  7. Parsley (a pinch)

If you add 2 eggs to it will be even better. You may switch the pork fat for butter which will provide this recipe a mild and smooth flavor. You may also substitute the tomatoes for some tomato sauce. 


Take a pan heat it up on the fire and place the pork fat slice in there, leave it for 1-2 minutes to melt, then add the chopped onions and let them get color. Next add the sliced oyster mushrooms and the cherry tomatoes. Apply salt and pepper on top and place a lid on top. Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. Take a pot and boil the sweet potatoes in it (15-20 mins will suffice). Next place the food on a dish and spread some parsley or some basil on top.

Wild oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus sp.)
Sweet oyster blend!

This combination with sweet potato is wonderful but if you don’t like sweet potatoes regular ones will be just fine. What i like about this recipe is that is quick, simple, easy to make, and delicious. Try it and hit me up with some better versions of it.

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