better oyster crops

Happy with your oyster mushroom crop yields? Are you sure those blocks can’t get you with at least 5% more mushrooms? 

You would be amazed to see what the effects are on your overall yields when you do some changes to your current mushroom grow. Hey, if one block makes a difference with these methods, 1000 blocks will definitely grow your profit.


available MODULES

Up to 3 Consistent King Oyster Flushes

It’s rare to get 3 consistent flushes of kings. This trick will show you what you need to do to squeeze those blocks out of mushrooms

Valid for King oyster (Pleurotus eryngii)


Higher Crop Yields -Step by Step Assistance

 Assists you with trials to help you get better oyster mushroom crop yields 

Valid for all commercially gorwn oyster mushroom kinds 

When you grow oyster mushrooms (depending on the strain/variety/species) you should get up to 3 flushes or even 4. The problem is that you’ll get 70% of the total amount of mushrooms/cycle in the first flush. That’s why most growers collect only the first flush from their blocks. You will learn how to get 2-3 consistent flushes with a yield increase of up to 50% -valid especially for the common, pink, yellow and abalone oyster mushrooms.