Mushroom growing


Here you’ll find classes intended to start you up with growing mushrooms. First make sure you understand the intro part – dot-circle symbol (first on the above list). Next start with the simplest mushroom to grow, so take the Beginner’s Guide To Oyster Mushroom Growing course (free). When you’ll be ready to order spawn make sure you’ll first watch the video series on describing the oyster mushroom kinds how to check spawn quality, and how to pick a good strain – displayed on the list with the ‘x’ symbol. Following this, learn what you can do with the spent substrate, and how to calculate the overal mushroom crop yield (arrow-up symbol). If you’ll want to get 2 to 3 consistent flushes you may take the course (paid) -this will teach you how to increase yield. Growing mushrooms the old way is great when you grow them for your own consumption, but if you want to turn this into a business you’ll need to invest so you can get higher yields. The first step is to setup a farm. To turn that into a professional farm you’ll need a picture of that, so the Farm Setup course is intended to help you with this (paid). As you get deeper into mushroom growing, purchasing spawn to grow mushrooms will seem a costly adventure, therefore when you’ll be ready to make your own you may take the spawn making course (paid). If you need step-by-step assistance I also offer mentorship. With this knowledge on board you’ll grow mushrooms efficiently, make a quality spawn at your awesome farm.


  • Do I need to make spawn?
  • What's a clean air flowhood
  • There's a hidden danger inside your flowhood

 Making a quality spawn requires some investment but you may start with a low budget if you want. First you need to learn strain theory, media basics, and how to make inoculum (there are several types) – this will allow you  to expand fungi of different origins on various media types and evaluate their strain power. Next you”ll need to learn the spawn making process and its secrets to avoid any complications that would turn your work into a fiasco. If you need step-by-step guidance with this let’s discuss. You may purchase your flowhood or you could build your own – the latter option is way better (make sure you understand why). Once you know how to make grain spawn try making sawdust or plug spawn or even syntetic spawn. This knowledge will serve you if you want to grow mushrooms for fun or profit. This is not a necessary step though if you consider purchasing your spawn. 


Above you may see a list of myco-creations started by random enthusiasts that work with fungus mycelium. You could create something similar or you could try something entirely new -use your imagination. Get creative and contribute to this fascinating form of art that spreads its tentacles across the world. To start you’ll need spawn that you may purshase from your local supplier or DIY via the online courses present on this site. Also you’ll need to figure out what muhroom kinds to use and what their propeties are so you can get the results you want. Play around with it and let me know if you get to create something cool and want to share with the world out there.

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