Competitors include organisms like molds, bacteria, viruses, mites, nematodes, flies, or other mushrooms which compete for the same food as the mushroom that we want to grow. Competitor issues appear even if you clean up every day your grow room and the causes of their presence in the grow room may be multiple. Every experienced mushroom grower knows what’s like to deal with molds or mites in the grow space. Some are so paranoiac about them that wouldn’t let visitors get in. What’s interesting is that some growers saw them less often than others and this is simply because some of them have better experience on pest control, better grow methods, better strains or better habits. Mushroom growing is not for perfectionists because there will always be losses due to competitors. Under 2% loss is fine but if you loose about 10% or more of your crop that’s alarming and you should reflect on why this is happening.

Imagine what’s like to put a tone of work into it, spend funds on materials and also wait and after 7-10 days to get what you see in the picture on the right. That’s why when you’re a startup you need a mentor, an experienced grower able to help you get all the way through so you can avoid losses. When I’ve started with this I had nobody to give me advice and I must admit that I passed through a lot of ‘moldy’ experiences. When your goal is to sell mushrooms there’s no room for this because it’s time consuming. 

If you’re in this situation this service is for you.

Spawn Quality Related Concerns

The spawn making process has its challenges. In most cases when you start with spawn making you’ll face the presence of random competitor organisms in your freshly inoculated grain bags. Sometimes to identify these organisms in incipient stages is very hard. If you loose more than 3% of your inoculated bags than this consulting service is for you.

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