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  • The outcome of this online course is to provide you with expert advice on mushroom growing processes, farm setup, or marketing related launch strategy setup so you can get a clear picture of what starting a mushroom business means. Everything that you'll learn will keep you safe from beginner mistakes that in many cases end up with loss of time, effort, materials, and investment.
  • The amount of mushroom you'll get depends very much on the strain you'll pick , therefore advice on how to pick the right strain is essential. This course will show you what to look for when you're ready to launch your first oyster mushroom blocks
  • Working with bad spawn could turn your startup process into a fiasco. You'll get instructions on what to look for whenever you purchase spawn
  • There are several grow methods out there and picking the right one is always a challenge. You'll need to create a symbiosis between what mushrooms require and the investment, energy and effort on your end. This will enlighten you about what the methods are and will advice you what method to pick for success.
  • What if you grow oyster mushrooms and you're not happy with the amount of mushroom you get/block? This course will explain you how to get 2-3 consistent mushroom flushes or more.
  • The problem is that there's not much information out there on how to set up your mushrooms farm. The info out there is pretty fragmented and doesn't show you exactly what equipment you should have in every compartment of your growroom so you can get a clear general idea on how to set up your own mushroom farm. This course was designed to help you understand this and get you the picture of a successful farm and the steps involved.
  • Most mushroom farm startups don't know how to divide their farm in regards to their mushroom grow needs. This course provides you two mushroom farm plans that you can copy and implement or that you can use to inspire yourself from.
  • If you want to grow oyster mushrooms you don't need a low-pressure steam device but if you want to grow shiitake, lion's mane, reishi, shimenji, enoki or maitake you'll need it because all these need supplementation that requires pasteurization or sterilization. Autoclaves are expensive and the low-pressure unit is desirable to cut up startup costs. This course teaches you how to build your own low-pressure steam disinfection unit so you can get decent mushroom crop yields.
  • It has 13 quizzes so you can test your knowledge and learn some more
  • If you have questions, it provides you with expert support
  • Once you finish this course you'll be granted a Mushroom Grower Certificate endorsed by a mycologist


This course is composed of 2 modules, 9 sections, 28 lessons, and 13 quizzes. Contains 2:12 hours of video presentations


Starting Up With Oyster Mushroom Growing

Introduces you the most common oyster mushroom kinds. Teaches you how to pick the right oyster strains matching your location, season, or market requirements, and highlights characteristics important to look for. 


Mushroom Farm Setup

Introduces you the most common oyster mushroom kinds. Teaches you how to pick the right oyster strains matching your location, season, or market requirements, and highlights characteristics important to look for. 


Introduces you the most common oyster mushroom kinds. Teaches you how to pick the right oyster strains matching your location, season, or market requirements, and highlights characteristics important to look for.


  1. Oyster mushroom kinds
  2. Species/variety selection
  3. Oyster strain pick

Once you’ve picked your strains you’ll have to purchase spawn from a reliable source (or make that yourself). However, you need to make sure that what you purchase is a quality spawn otherwise your effort of growing mushrooms could turn into a fiasco. This will teach you what to look for when you purchase your spawn


  1. Spawn quality check

This part discusses agricultural wastes as a great food source for oyster mushroom grow and shows you how you could use those in a closed loop. Other materials like paper or coffee grounds are discussed and gives you one example of success. Finally you’ll get a standard recipe exposed, so you can use that whenever you want.


  1. Materials suitable for oyster mushroom grow
  2. Hydration


This teaches you how to to grow oyster mushrooms step-by step -presents you several methods. It includes: hydration, disinfection, inoculation, incubation, fruiting, storage, spent substrate management. From my experience I’m explaining you differences between oyster mushroom grow methods so you can pick the once that works for you.

By the end of this section you’ll know what you should do with the spent mushroom substrate. How to recycle that so you can get more value. A sustainable approach that will lift you higher.


  1. Substrate disinfection
  2. Moisture check
  3. Recipe
  4. Inoculation
  5. Incubation
  6. Fruiting
  7. Picking & storage
  8. Spent substrate

If you’re asking yourself how to squeeze  your investment in order to get more mushrooms fro every single substrate block that you ever make , this will enlighten you on what you need to do.  This will bring you a boost in overall crop yield once you ramp up your oyster grow business.


  1. On how to get 2-3 consistent oyster mushroom flushes

You’ll need to decide first what kind of mushrooms you want to grow, how do you want to grow em, on what substrate, where do you want to grow them, climate conditions, what kind of mushroom farm would you like to start, etc. This intro will help you take a decision based on the explanations that you’ll get. 

The 5 development stages of a successful farm are explained and this will enable you to evaluate your position along with your progress. In addition a discussion on farm design is also provided together with plans. 


  1. Things to know before you start
  2. Farm development stages
  3. Farm building material (cutting energy costs)

Not everyone had the chance to visit a successful mushroom farm. But few are those who saw several mushroom farms and therefore they don’t have a comparison point or highlights on what equipment to purchase and why or how things should look like inside a farm or what compartments is composed of a mushroom farm. This chapter will enlighten you up on how the farm’s deposit area, processing area, incubation & fruiting chambers, and packaging area should look like.


  1. The material deposit area
  2. The substrate processing area
  3. The inoculation chamber
  4. The incubation chamber
  5. The fruiting chamber
  6. The packaging area

You will learn what startup farms do in terms of low-tech and what professional farms rely on to provide mushrooms with heating/cooling, air, moisture, and light. 


  1. Climate systems used by startup farms
  2. Climate systems used by professional farms

Learn how to build a Low-Pressure Steam Disinfection Unit -this will serve you if you want to grow mushrooms like shiitake, lion’s mane, piopini, maitake, reishi and others.

Also here you will find details on how to build a pipe misting system to provide your mushrooms with moisture.


  1. DIY low-pressure steam unit
  2. DIY misting unit

The knowledge that you’ll get from this course will enable you to successfully grow the following mushroom types:

  • common oyster (P. ostreatus)
  • white oyster (P. florida n.n.)
  • pearl oyster (P. ostreatus variety)
  • blue oyster (P. ostreatus var. columbinus)
  • olive-green oyster (P. pulmonarius)
  • yellow oyster (P. citrinopileatus)
  • pink oyster (P. djamor complex)
  • phoenix oyster (P. cystidiosus)
  • P. cornucopiae
  • P. salignus
  • P. populinus

I created this course because...

When I first started out growing mushrooms I did it the hard way and I lost a lot of time doing extensive research on how to grow mushrooms the right way.

When I first started growing mushrooms I had nobody to guide me but the internet and some books. I lost a lot of time and energy on the internet just browsing through fragmented information that in most cases wasn’t a quality information, so I felt like I was playing puzzle and it took me a long time to understand what’s all about with mushroom growing or spawn making. I ran into random issues: molds would take over half of my mushroom blocks, other mushrooms popping instead of the mushroom that I wanted to grow, weird looking fruitbodies..you name it. For me it was an adventure but it came with lots of effort, and loss in materials, and funds.

Later, many of the farms I’ve seen were struggling to get the expected results, which pretty much reminded me of myself when I’ve started (I had nobody to guide me with mushroom growing). Some other farms that I’ve visited were producing a great amount of mushrooms because of proper training and good management. That’s why the word of a specialist is essential because is able to show you the right path.

Hey! I’m Dr T and I grow mushrooms for about 14 years. In this course I’m sharing my experience with you to help you start the right way.

Dr T


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Is This Course Right For You?


  • Entrepreneurs wanting to start a mushroom business
  • Enthusiasts looking to start a hobby and grow mushrooms for fun
  • Anyone who already started to grow mushrooms but don't have a settled method that works and need support to find a way
  • Growers that want to increase their harvest B.E.
  • Those interested to learn and get a Mushroom Grower Certificate


  • Professional mushroom growers happy with their mushroom grow methods and their outcome
  • Those wanting to grow mushrooms not listed in this course
  • Those looking to obtain accredited certification
  • This course doesn't have any original film to show you how to grow mushrooms, therefore is not for those that expect instructional movies

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