Do you provide assistance when a course is purchased?

Yes, most of the courses provided (except very few -see course syllabus for more details) come with a 2 day assistance -in case you have questions make a list with them send it to me and i’ll respond. The questions must refer to the subject discussed. 

Do these courses include any video recordings showing how the process is done?

Yes, they do but not each one of them

May I download a course or own it?

No, what you get is access to the course platform for 1 year where you’ll have plenty of time to learn and take notes.

Do you provide any diplomas?

No. Not yet.

What kind of diploma do I get?

When it’s going to be available will be a symbolic diploma stating that you’ve passed a course taught by a mycologist.

Do I need to pass a training test to get a diploma?


Do these courses contain any quizzes?

Yes, most of them do (check for the quiz icon on each module page to know which ones come with a quiz)

How do I pay for a course?

Payment may be done via Stripe (automatic) or PayPal (manually) or let me know and we’ll discuss about some other payment option.

Once a course purchased, is it refundable?

Yes, you get 50% of your amount once you ask for a refund

Do I get access to the whole training course at once?

You get instant access to the training platform right after payment and you get access to the whole information at once.

What’s the training level for these course?

These are for beginners but reveal information for advanced trainees too. Always you’ll learn something new from these courses no matter what your training level is.

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