This is the first thing that every serious mushroom grower should learn when starts with lab techniques and mushroom spawn making


mushroom grow agar plate

Agar Media Making

Teaches you how to prepare Petri plates an tubes -solid media used in fungus tissue transfers.

  1. Equipments & consumables
  2. Agar media making
  3. Fungus tissue transfer 

Liquid Inoculum

Shows you how water-based liquid inoculum is made -used in fungus spawn production

  1. Liquid inoculum preparation
  2. The liquid inoculation procedure
mushroom spore print

Obtaining New Strains

Learn how to obtain new strains from wild specimens and/or grown gourmet and medicinal mushrooms

  1.  Wild mushroom specimens collection
  2. Getting spore prints
  3. Mushroom fruitbody cloning