Your mushroom adventure starts here.


I’m Dr T the founder of Mushroom Classes, I’m a mycologist with over 14 years of experience in edible and medicinal mushroom growing, spawn production technology and lab techniques, medicinal mushrooms biotechnology, wild fungi diversity and taxonomy, and general mycology.

Mycology it’s a form of art! To combine the right colors to get the desired effects is a real challenge especially when you’re new to this.

If you feel like your mushroom adventure so far is turning into loads of time and energy loss, feel discouraged and lonely in your mushroom journey and things seem not to work for you as expected, then this might be the right place for you.

Always two or several minds placed together to focus in one direction are better than one. I’ve created this mushroom club to help you get things straightened out so you can build a successful mushroom business, or learn valuable mycology lessons if your a fungus passionate.

Our private membership club is open to all of those interested to join in order to build a solid mushroom experience.

See you on the inside,
Dr T


It’s a global community of mushroom business entrepreneurs, mushroom farm owners, or fungus passionate people wildly interested in just about any branch of mycology that involves Basidiomycetes.

It’s the place where you get enlightened with that ‘AHA!’ moment: now I know what to do to get where I want. It lifts you higher, and turns your vision into reality in less time, with less effort and lower investment. It’s a place where the community shows mutual support for a common goal -to succeed and get the best out of your mushroom experience. No more scoring the whole internet for the right step or feeling alone in your mushroom journey.

Here's what will happen when you join


We’ll evaluate your current mushroom experience state, your branch(es) of interest, your goals, expectations, and the problems that you confront with.

  • What is(are) your major interests in mycology: mushroom growing, spawn making, structural composits, mushroom art, wild mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, etc.
  • What's your current experience with mushrooms: are you a beginner, have some experience /advanced
  • What's your goal(s): with other words what do you want to achieve
  • What are the problems that you confront with


We’ll teach you the skills
Once we’ll evaluate your situation we’ll recommend you the classes that you need to enroll in order to get where you want. We’ll give you a road-map so you can squeeze the members’ course Library and database at the fullest.


We’ll help you implement what you learn
We’ll work with you so you can easily implement what you learn. With other words we’ll guide you just to make sure that you get on the right path.


We’ll give you support
You’ll get support through our online live questions and answers program (Q &As) and if you run into problems ANYTIME you have questions you’ll get answers from us.

Here's what others have to say about the help they got

“Dr Tura’s Online class really helped me round out my knowledge of basic mushroom cultivation. I learned the fundamentals to a functional and clean workspace, the why’s, how’s, and what’s to spawn production, and even how to build an affordable laminar flow hood. The program is designed for the curious mycophile starting out or for that hobby grower that needs to re-evaluate their processes.” Michael Heim – Boulder, CO

I love Your courses very informative. -Reiner K., Austria

“I just wanted to show you what we cooked up. Thanks for the course, it really helped a lot.

Yeah she took a lot of effort, very stoked with the outcome (and the 3m filters doing what they are supposed to).”

Byron, South Africa


The Details:
  • Instant access to ALL trainings
  • Live Q&As monthly
  • Private community
  • Major member discounts for MC products
  • Certificates
  • You can cancel at any time
  • 30 day refund period so you can try it out


Mushroom Training Library

Get instant access to our entire expert training library when you join. Plus access to any additional training modules added to the library every month

Your New Support Squad

Access to our private Facebook group where you'll meet me and the mushroom clubs' members

Live Q & As

You'll get answers to your questions and feedback on your work

Product Price Discount

Up to 75% price discount when you purchase Mushroom Classes products


Once you pass through the mushroom training you'll get expert endorsed certificates

The Masterclasses

Here’s the mushroom training modules that you’ll get instant access to when you join

& much more to come

Wild Choice Edible Mushrooms

Mushroom Identification Basics

Hunting For Medicinal Mushrooms

Recycling With Mushrooms

Level 4 Mushroom Growing

Is This Right For You?


  • Entrepreneurs wanting to start a mushroom business and in need of expert advice and support
  • You want to increase your income and looking for a side job
  • You're a fungus enthusiast wanting to start a wonderful hobby
  • You've got the feeling that with all the information out there you're still going in circles, wasted time and energy and got only bits of reliable information
  • You've started your mushroom grow journey but you're not happy with the results because of feeling stuck, low B.E. or don't have a settled method that works
  • You're very interested in medicinal mushrooms and want to learn more
  • You've got knowledge and doing pretty well but want to expand you tentacles in other areas of mycology
  • You are interested in getting major price discount for the MC products
  • You want to learn how to build mycelium objects
  • You're interested to get a symbolic certificate endorsed by a mycologist


There’s lots of information out there on the why would you join this club? Expert advice and support! you’ll find here information that I accumulated in over a decade and I’m ready to share that with you to help you get the best of your mushroom experience. Some of this info is not on the internet or you’ll hardly find it over there. Once you join the club you’re not left to figure it all out by yourself.

No. Once you join you stick with the same fee until the end (even if the monthly fee is subject to change over time, once more info is added to the library). This clearly offers you the advantage of the low fee if you join sooner

Yes. We hope you won’t but if you’ll feel that you’ve got the help you needed or the club doesn’t offer you value anymore you are free to cancel at any time.

Yes. Once you join you have 30 days to try us out. If you’ll feel that this is not for you you’ll get a refund.

No. Not at all! It is for anyone interested to learn and get expert support in anything that has to do with Basidiomycetes mushrooms (medicinal, edible, growing technology, wild, structural works, art, etc).
The club primarily focuses on training and support but not necessarily legal advice on how to set up your business. Because this is a worldwide members club it’s practically impossible to give members the legal steps that they need to follow therefore for licencing related support please consult your local authorities.
No, not at all! in the mushroom business there are problems arising all the time. We are here to help you out anytime you have an issue and you’re seeking for solutions to get things working
We want to make sure that the members who join are welcomed and treated and helped accordingly. We limit enrollment for a few times a year.
Indeed the content of the mushroom members’ club is sold on the website at a different price. People have two options this way: a) to purchase access to what they are interested to learn or to become members of the club and access that same info at a decent price.
Yes. You may select the training modules that you’re interested in; however, the lessons are set on a drip schedule, so you’ll get access to a lesson/day. You may start with as many modules you want.
There are four types of certificates offered, depending on the modules you pick and the info that you’re interested to learn about. When you’ll feel ready for a test, we’ll evaluate your knowledge and offer you the certificate(s) once you’ve passed the test(s).

It's decision time

I know what’s like to start by yourself against a mountain of challenges that arise in the field of mycology. I know what means to cruise the internet in search for information, unfortunately it is mentally draining and takes a lot of time to find quality info out there. Here you have it all packed and showed up in detail together with expert and community support and ALL this is meant to help you succeed.

Try it out, if it doesn’t help you at all, then get your cash back.

To your wild success!

Dr T