Spawn quality check

When you purchase spawn you’ll need to know some things, so I’ve created this class to teach you what you need to ask when you want to purchase mushroom spawn but also to explain you the difference between quality spawn and bad spawn. Growing mushrooms using quality spawn is crucial so you can get a mushroom crop or the expected yield. Mushroom spawn it’s a living organism and requires some care when shipped to a destination. Pick the fastest delivery when purchasing spawn just to make sure it arrives in good condition. You should get your spawn in 24 hours or so when delivered to you, any delay in shipping your spawn could have consequences. Make sure that you’ll store that in the fridge as it arrives (except the pink oyster) and keep that there until you’re going to be ready to use that. Also make sure that you leave your spawn at room temp for 24 hours before you use that -this will wake up your mushroom from its dormancy stage and ensure proper colonization in time. No HTML was returned.
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