R&D Project Proposals

Get to know your mushrooms better and they’ll treat you right for what you do for them. Commited to help you every step of the way to get the best out of your business

Strain Scanning

You fee that some of your strains are not performing as expected, or you want to launch a new strain into production and need a detailed analysis? I can help you evaluate your strain in both, pure culture and fruitbody growth conditions. This is meant to give you a general picture of the current strain use at your facility and the potential of your strain (the optimal range where your strain performs best). 

Strain evaluation – for those that want to find out the power of several strains for comparative reasons and finally pick the one(s) that perform best in given conditions. This includes:

  • strain QC check
  • growth rate evaluation
  • tolerance to molds and bacteria
  • growth on grain (spawn)
  •  coldroom storage time (if applicable)
  • growth on substrate
  • pinning and fruiting conditions
  • shelflife

Strain potential – for those that want to know what’s the optimal range in which a strain performs best. This includes:

  • strain QC check
  • growth rate evaluation (on different media, pH)
  • grain type and growth evaluation
  • substrate type/recipe and growth evaluation
  • pinning and fruiting conditions 

First we can run a strain evaluation test to find out from multiple strains the one(s) that perform best, followed by a strain potential test to find out the range in which that particular strains(s) perfoms best. 

Grow type & methodology

If you have a well establishd cost effective mushroom grow methodology (pasteurization/sterilization/lime/fermentation, etc) and type (block, column, tray, etc) this is not for you. However, if you feel like you’re spending too much energy, time and funds on growing mushrooms and you’re not happy with the results or you simply want to try other methods for comparison reasons I’m here to help you in picking the one that works for you.

Higher yields for higher profits

If you collect with 5% more mushrooms from a block matters because if you have 1000 blocks in your growroom will increase your profit. For this you would need to run experiments and I can help you with that. For this I propose two research areas: a) first flush yield experiments or/and b) second/third flush experiments:

First flush yield experiments – this includes the following:

  • current yield evaluation
  • strain power evaluation
  • methodology evaluation
  • experiments
  • new protocol release

Second & third flush experiments

Most farms out there pick only the first mushroom flush because the second is not productive enough to be considered, the reality is that you can get a second flush or even a third one that looks better than the first one (depending on mushroom type). This could be an interesting project so you can sqeeze the most off your blocks. 

New Mushroom Launch Challenges

Mushrooms like cordyceps (C. militaris), maitake (Grifola frondosa), chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphureus), or Coprinus comatus are somewhat challenging and not every grower has success when tries to grow them for large scale production. If you need help with growing these don’t hesitate to contact me.

Farm Waste Recycling

Farm waste may become a big issue especially when you decide to ramp up. In this case a waste management plan is desirable. There are several ways to recycle the spent mushroom substrate pick the most efficient way and turn that into gold or we may work together to find new aplications for it.

Mushroom Strain ID Profile

You definitely know your mushrooms but want to show your clients, FDA or any other organization an ID document  endorsed by a mycologist or two? This is highly needed if you sell medicinal mushroom raw powders and not only. Since always there will be someone sceptical about what you sell, a full profile of each of your mushroom strains is desirable. Such a profile consists of:

  • mushroom fruitbody taxonomical study
  • cultural taxonomy study 
  • cultural growth rate study
  • DNA sequences
  • supportive scientific proof
  • third party endorsment 

Only when you’ll have a complete profile based on both, classical and modern aproaches you’ll have a clear strain ID.  This document will remain your refference for delicate moments when you have to compare your powdered material to ensure its high quality.

New Product Launch & Research

So you’ve got your mushrooms and think to market them. The way you market them is crucial. For example medicinal mushroom powders today are part of capsules, turned into extracts or are simply part of a variety of products like: pet formulas, coffee, chocolate, bewerages, etc. Every business owner wanting to expand is looking for new interesting areas with marketing interest. Looking into launching new products requires a detailed and careful analyses that will lead you to the conclusion on what market sector would work best. In addition, increasing the value of your product via research tets and publications is a must. For example testing your medicinal mushroom powders to evaluate their impact on the immune system, or physical endurance in humans and animals.

Your Project Proposal

Is there any issue that you confront with? do you neeed help with running any interesting lab or farm project that would lift your business higher? Feel free to write me and let’s see what we can do about it.

Staff Training

Enroll your staff into online mushroom classes to improve their theoretical and practical experience. Both, lab and farm expertize is available. The training program may be tailored to fit your specific needs. 

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