If you’re at the point where you experiment with growing mushrooms and thinking to turn that into a business this consulting service is for you. 

  • Market analysis
  • Farm setup
  • Equipment and tools
  • Substrate pick and recipe formulation
  • Strain pick
  • Grow method pick
  • Yield evaluation
  • Yield increase experiments
  • Production costs reduction

Strain experiments are necessary and are an important part of the consulting service. Finding the right strain may be quite a challenge because the best strain is the one that fits your needs and provides you a decent amount of mushrooms.

Together we’ll reach your goal with minimal losses. First I’ll evaluate your current situation and then, I’ll come up with a plan that targets a set goal.

There are startups that prefer to get into mushroom growing or spawn making without a mentor, I totally respect that, but this is the hard way.  The hard way will teach you a lot and you will form your own experience by learning from your own mistakes. The downside of this is that requires a huge amount of time and a lot of experimenting with strains, new mushrooms, or different grow methods which means material and energy loss.  It could take months or even years to fully understand a process by yourself. You need a mentor to avoid all of this especially if you need your business up in couple of months.   

For those wanting to go with the flow here’s a good point to start: Want to start a farm?

Read the Terms & Conditions before applying for this service

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