Terms & Conditions


TRAINING MODULES – The mushroom training provides you with video presentations, film, audio recordings or text. None of the classes come with assistance. 

TRAINING MODULES ACCESS – The modules are essential parts of the training and when purchased grants you access for a full period of 1 year. 

INFORMATION RIGHTS – When you purchase access to the training platform you are purchasing a NON-transferable right to access the information and therefore this information may not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to third parties. The information provided is subject to copyright policies.

INFORMATION VALUE – The information to be purchased doesn’t follow the quantity concept according to which ‘a higher price means a higher information quantity. Some modules highlight valuable simple tricks which when applied on a large production scale have the power to change the course of your business.

PAYMENT & REFUNDS – The payment is done through Pay Pal. First you need to ask for access to a specific course then you’ll be given a unique access code that will serve you to login to the student dashboard.  If you ask for a refund you’ll get 50% of the amount paid for a particular course.  

QUESTIONS – If you have any questions related to random concepts and processes exposed in a specific course feel free to ask.


SUCCESS WARRANTY – Because the mushroom grow industry involves many factors influencing business success I here provide no warranty that any of the information provided is going to fix an existing issue or will achieve any set goal by the client such as experiment success or crop yield achievement. However, any solution or advice provided has the goal to improve and get your business on the right path.

COMMUNICATION – I travel and I might be anywhere in the world when providing you with consulting therefore this is done:

 Primarily via email – this allows you to read and clearly understand any advice, besides you can get back to it anytime you need.

 Secondarily via social media calls or phone (if possible) -for this we’ll need to schedule phone conversations.

ON SITE VISITS – to be discussed.

PAYMENT & REFUNDS – Payment for consulting is done upfront: weekly or monthly (the client’s pick). The client reserves the right to pick the assistance time period (as needed) and under discussion with me (the mentor) to set a definite time period. Refunds are NOT available in this case.

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