If you have a farm and want to expand this service will be the right one for you. The bigger your farm the more benefit you’ll have when you increase your overall crop production even with 5%. So when you have 5000 shiitake blocks that produce about 1 lbs of mushrooms ea an increase of 5% will get you an additional 250 lbs of mushrooms. That’s why having a general idea on what’s going on with your mushroom production area is essential so you can evaluate yield and implement a strategy to get out the most of your blocks.

How do your shiitake blocks look like?

Shiitake mushroom yield. Lbs = 0.8/block

Shiitake mushroom yield. Lbs = 1.2/block

While visiting farms I realized that 90% of them were using only the first flush just because it’s the highest (about 70% of the total crop cycle) the rest of 30% is usually tossed just because the grower needs to wait more, doesn’t have enough grow space or want’s to keep the growroom free of competitors. It totally makes sense. 

What if I would tell you that you could get a second solid flush and even a third one?

This has the following advantages:

  • Shorter wait time compared to putting up new blocks
  • You cut costs on material and energy
  • You cut costs on spawn

When the third flush will look better than the first one it’s a sign that you totally squeezed that block.

So, from here you can go with the flow or you can change something. If you need assistance with achieving this goal give me a sign.

Isn't this what you want?

Shiitake mushroom yield. Lbs = 2.2/block

If you need this applied for your mushroom of choice, let’s see what we can do about it. It might need some experiments but even like that if you get even with 2% more mushrooms at 5000 blocks you will feel the difference.

Read the Terms & Conditions before applying for this service

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