Who are we and how can we help?

We are a global community of mushroom passionate people dedicated to help entrepreneurs turn their mushroom business dreams into reality. We’re here to help you succeed whether your a beginner, already own a mushroom business and need help with that, want to create a side job or simply want to expand your mushroom knowledge
Here you’ll find mushroom expert support and classes designed to help you out get through a mountain of challenges that anyone who’s playing with mushrooms deal with on a daily basis. This will ease up your work and get you closer to success in a shorter period of time.

4 ways we can help you

If you’re looking for expert & community support then come and join our mushroom club. You’ll get access to ALL of our training existing in the mushroom classes library, product discounts, and much more.
Just in case that you have an R&D project proposal or need such an idea, check this out and let us know if we can help